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An automated literature review by MAYFAIR Village

To assist researchers and keep humans at the heart of progress, our software uses the latest advancements in natural language processing to save valuable time and unlock their full creative potential. Sustainability is a pillar of value in the development of our products.

Our tools are developed with a focus on minimizing energy consumption. To assist researchers in selecting the most environmentally-friendly parameters for their experiments, MAYFAIR's literature review incorporates an ecological score into the experimental design process.

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If your researchers and engineers are burdened with repetitive, nonvalue-adding administrative tasks.
If your researchers have to filter and analyze large volumes of data produced by your scientific instruments.
If your instruments generate large amounts of unused data.
If your "turnover" seems too high in R&D sensitive positions and you spend too much time training newcomers.
If your "xls" files and isolated data are plentiful in your organization.
If your customers are demanding shorter response times to stay competitive.
If the responsiveness of your R&D service is becoming a critical factor in your competitiveness.

Then, your organization could greatly benefit from automation.

Our commitment is to help you make the most of your resources by incorporating artificial intelligence to solve your problems and increase your competitiveness to respond swiftly to tomorrow's questions. Today, innovation is only valuable if it happens quickly. With a proven methodology and our team of AI experts, we will support you in transforming your organization as rapidly and efficiently as possible.

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A shared passion for innovation and AI technologies drives our team of highly skilled engineers. We aim to grow while contributing to developing a more sustainable and responsible world. Our clients and partners are our pride and the key to our success. We actively guide them through the process of creativity and innovation. MAYFAIR Village is a proactive force and a source of expertise to help you achieve your projects.


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